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At Body Hack Physical Therapy all our services were created thinking about the patient’s individual needs. Our therapists will be working in conjunction with our clients to tailor and execute the best program for optimal results.

We provide hands-on myofascial treatment and corrective exercise. Our approach is based on Evidence-Based Practices, looking for restore muscle balance, reducing muscle tension and pain, improving posture, building strength, and correcting the way you move to prevent future injuries.

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Dr. Zorrilla is a Physical Therapist from Colombia who received his Physical Therapy degree at the University of Escuela Nacional del Deporte in 2008.

Prior to pursuing his degree in Physical Therapy, he enjoyed a successful career as a volleyball player, playing in multiple tournaments for the Colombian National team and practicing all kinds of sports.
Dr. Zorrilla’s knowledge and passion made him obtain various certifications, including Diploma in Neurorehabilitation, advanced aquatic therapy training, FIFA diploma in Football Medicine, Barcelona FC Professional Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Football, and a post-degree master’s in health administration. More recently, in 2021, Dr. Carlos Zorrilla also obtained his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a second MBA in Executive Program in Private Practice Management.

Dr. Carlos Zorrilla’s goal is to provide the best care to his patients, using all his knowledge and experience to give them hope to improve their conditions and, at the same time, to educate the community to empower them with the responsibility for their own good health.

10 Most common causes

of consultation


Lower back pain: sciatic pain, disc herniation, muscle spasm.


Neck pain: tensional cephalgia (migraines caused by neck tension), muscle spasms, neck stiffness.


Sport injuries: muscle strains, ligaments sprain, joint instability, muscle spasms, DOMS (muscle pain post workout) and others.


Motor vehicle accidents: injuries related to car accidents.


Worker compensation: injuries related to work accidents.


Chronic pain: arthritis, MS, myofascial syndrome, fibromyalgia, age related pains.


Shoulder pain: rotator cuff partial and total tear, tendinopathies, scapula dyskinesis.


Knee pain: patella femoral syndrome, ITB syndrome (runner knee), Osgood Schlatter, PES anserine bursitis.


Ankle/foot pain: ankle instability, calf related pain, peroneal tendinopathy (lateral ankle pain), Posterior tibialis tendinopathy (medial ankle pain), plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, toe pain.


Elbow/wrist/hand pain: tennis elbow, golfer elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, de quervain’s tenosynovitis.